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When it comes to planning your estate, or the steps you have to take as an executor…it can be an overwhelming road.  We travel this path along with you, we will help you navigate through the good, the bad, and everything in-between.

Professional Services

Our primary goal is to educate our clients regarding the complexities of estate planning, power of attorney for property and executorship.  We do this by building one on one relationships and hands on training.  Once you understand the complete scope of the task at hand, we are then satisfied that we have done our job to educate you!

How our services help you

In today’s age we are all getting busier by the second, we have many tasks in the air at any given time.  Add our estate planning or upcoming duties and we are filled to the brim.  Let us help you alleviate some of this burden by being your “buddy” throughout the process.  You are never alone, we will help guide you to the people you need to see, or along the various steps of the way.  Peace of mind is how we help you most. 

Our packages

We understand that every situation has different needs, this is why we have developed different packages depending on what you may be looking for.  Each collection of services is unique and geared to maximizing the education for our clients.


Estate Training Packages

Building a legacy takes a big team and much planning.  Let us help you understand what you need and who you need to see.  We work with Lawyers, Accountants, Financial Planners and Funeral Homes to ensure every concern is covered and planned for appropriately.

Beneficial Basics – This package gets the conversation flowing and helps you to discover what your needs and wants are.  Meet with one of our consultants for a 90 minute meeting to discuss the overview of your Estate, Power of Attorney and Executor roles. Also included is our famous “Go-Binder” kit to ensure that your information is gathered in a manner that will assist the professionals involved in the process


Executor Support Packages

Being asked to be the executor for a loved one’s estate is a great honour.  It can also be a scary undertaking with many challenges.  Along with our Certified Executor Advisors, give yourself the required tools by choosing one of the following executor support packages.

Trusted Transitions – Never feel alone in the process with full estate administration support, statement of account preparation and bookkeeping for the estate.

Certificate of Appointment Applications – We can assist you the Executor by working with Lawyers and preparing the “probate” application for submission to the Superior Courts.


Professional Executor Services

Appointing an Executor should be treated the same way we hire for a position within a company. There are many options for choosing the best person for the job whether it is family, friends or a professional in the field. Ensure that you understand the scope of the job being appointed and rest assured that your estate is being handled by the right person for the job.

Professional Executor – If you are unsure of who you should name to be your Executor, meet with one of our consultants to see if we are a fit for you. We are certified and experienced, specializing in the entire estate administration process.

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