Estate Transition Planners Canada

ETP Canada is based in Guelph Ontario, and helps Executors understand their role while providing hands on support in estate administration.  Understanding the complexities in the field, our specialized consultants will also act as a Professional Executor for your estate.

Estate Transition Planners Canada

Estate Transition Planners Canada is based in Guelph Ontario and helps you to start the conversation surrounding estate administration.  Understanding the complexities in the field, our specialized consultants will act as a Professional Executor for your estate.We also provide hands on support for the Power of Attorney for property as well as on-going support for named executors.

Our services

Compassion and Respect

Executor Support

Being asked to be an executor is a great honor, and we understand the duties from first hand experience. We can provide you with on-going support so that you never feel alone throughout the administration of the estate.

Estate Accounting

It is the Executor’s responsibility to maintain the financial transactions of the estate. We can provide you with properly prepared and formatted estate accounts that you will be confident in presenting to the beneficiaries.

Professional Executors

Sometimes it may be difficult naming someone to be your Executor. Upon qualifying, a consultant can be named as your Executor, giving you peace of mind that your estate’s administration is left in good hands.

how can we help you?

professional planning

We can advise you with the coordinating of your personal and financial affairs.

specialized knowledge

We have the tools you need for successful estate administration.


You’re partnered with a consultant who will provide customized and exceptional service.

peace of mind

Your affairs will be administered professionally, promptly and competently.

We can come to you

We visit our clients, helping to alleviate some of the burden during this difficult time.


Our consultants practice confidentially & respect your personal affairs.

Always Here for You and Them

Helping our clients better understand this complex part of their lives is our first priority.
Let us help you start the conversation to give you and your family more peace of mind.

Who is ETP Canada?

We are a Guelph, Ontario company, started in 2017 by our founder Debbie Stanley. ETP Canada was created after it was seen how difficult estate administration is for a family that is grieving. It was discovered that we are all professionals in our careers, however an Executor is the one job we appoint to our loved ones without any previous training or experience. Our goal is to help you gain a better understanding of the duties and responsibilities you are assigning to your executor, or to guide you through this recent appointment that has been bestowed to you.  We are able to provide this seamless guidance by working closely with your lawyers, accountants, investment advisors and funeral home.

we care like family

give your loved ones peace of mind that you can trust.


We have first hand experience with planning and administrating estates.  We can help you meet the duties you must adhere to as a Power of Attorney (Property)  or Executor.


As Certified Executor Advisors and Members of the Trust Institute you can rest assured that you are in professional hands.

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