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While most of our business is provided directly to the Consumer, we are also a great resource for Lawyers who are looking for a cost-effective approach to Estate Administration.

Unfamiliar with how ETP Canada can be utilized by your Legal Practice? Here are a few of the most common ways we provide support to Lawyers.


1. Estate Accounting

As one of the leading providers of court approved estate accounting in Ontario, we are able to work directly with Lawyers and their clients to ensure that they have the most accurate and complete accounting of an Estate. All of our accounting can be done remotely, and documents are uploaded to a secure portal. As a testament to our skillset we are often hired to correct or redo existing accounting that was completed without the understanding of the proper formatting and procedures of this unique type of accounting. 

We charge a flat fee for this work so that all parties have a clear expectation of the cost of our services.


2. Probate Applications

Our probate service provides a solution for lawyers who are busy and often don’t have reliable, or estate specific law clerk support.  ETP Canada complete and file probate applications throughout Ontario regularly. The lawyers we work with can obtain estate administration clients while not being worried about having adequate support to be able to complete the work.

Within small firms, the cost to hire law clerks on payroll is often onerous and not always the best business decision.  By contracting the work directly to ETP Canada the lawyer will  greatly reduce risk, cost and make use of a Company with an award-winning service.

Like Estate Accounting our Probate fees are charged as flat fees so that a Lawyer is able to determine precisely what their costs are.


3. Estate Trustee and Estate Trustee During Litigation (ETDL)

Another service we are often called on for consultation is providing Estate Trustee services to clients who don’t have a practical solution for their own Estate Trustee. In addition, we provide a fee schedule for Estate Trustee During Litigation that is reflective of our streamlined boutique business model. Our fees, coupled with our experience and expertise are often a very favorable choice for the client.

With increasing competition and more options available to consumers, more Lawyers are turning to alternative methods to stay competitive. Whether that is by reducing staffing expenses by outsourcing work or utilizing technology in more innovative ways, ETP Canada is working with Lawyers to stay ahead of the curve.

If you would like more information on how our services can benefit your existing practice, feel free to reach out to us.

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