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Executor Support

Executor Support Packages

Estate Transition Planners Canada helps by servings as Agents to Executors across Ontario by ensuring that Every-Day Executors receive Professional Advice and Support.

Juniper Package

From $1,500.00

The Juniper Package helps an Executor with the early stages of the estate and sets them on a path for successful estate administration.

-Consultation with Executor to review the estate and outline the Executor’s role.
-Assistance with the Probate Application (Certificate of Appointment) and guidance on valuing assets of the estate.

Willow Package

From $3,500.00

The Willow Package provides support for an Executor looking for additional guidance during the critical first year.

-Items from the Juniper Package.
-Assisting Executor in acquiring appraisals of estate assets.
-Preparation of the Estate Information Return.
-Preparation of letters for the Executor to use for beneficiaries, financial institutions, and other professionals involved in the estate.

Evergreen Package

Pricing based on free consultation

The Evergreen Package provides seamless estate administration every step of the way, ensuring the Executor is supported until Estate Completion.

-Items from Juniper and Willow Packages.
-Preparation of formal inventory listing of the estate.
-Assistance with all administrative tasks and functions of the estate.
-Maintenance and preparation of formal court prepared estate accounts and Executor Compensation calculations.

Estate Transition Planners Canada does not provide legal, tax or investment advice. We accept engagements as consultants, not as solicitors or accountants, we request that you do obtain legal and tax advice concerning statutory (or contractual) estate requirements.