Need a Will? Come on down! Choose your best option.

There is no time like a pandemic to get you thinking about your own mortality. As humans, we cannot help it, this is something that we prefer to ignore. Maybe we think that if we start planning [...]

Need a Will? Now there’s a way…..

In these challenging times of COVID-19, it has brought a new issue to light…. What if you need a Will? How can you execute one if it is required to be signed in the presence of two [...]

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To probate…… or not to probate? This is the real question

What exactly is probate? If you live in Ontario the term probate has been changed to “Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee” (I believe the government thought that this new [...]

Now hiring……Position: Executor

When preparing an estate plan there are many aspects to consider: Updating your will, updating your power of attorney for both personal care and property, tax planning, financial planning, legacy [...]

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