We understand that this is not an easy subject or an experience to look forward to.  We want to help families feel better by bringing peace of mind so that you can spend more time with your loved ones.  We feel good by providing our strength, guidance and wisdom to empower others.


You have to be passionate to truly be committed to something.  We feel as though these two terms are the fuel and backbone of our company.  We are committed to our clients, and we are able to do this because we are passionate about the cause.


Our goal is to be caring, sympathetic, reassuring and understanding for all of our clients and their families by providing quality support.  We also encourage one another as a team to bring an exceptional customer experience to everyone in our family network.

Meet our Management Team

Debbie Stanley


ETP Canada’s founder, doesn’t do well with an unmet need. Like many leaders, our founder knows how to recognize frustration as a calling card for innovation.

With over a decade in the accounting world, working with hundreds of families, Debbie was plagued by needs that her clients expressed, beyond accounting issues. Everyday, she faced the confusion and frustration of people trying to plan or resolve estates without the full understanding of what lay before them. From comprehending the mountains of paperwork, to trying to follow the intention of a family member and even to the simple things like closing a loved one’s social media presence – Debbie felt the call to clarify this process.

As Debbie says, “While it’s not simple, our goal at ETP is to help people breathe a sigh of relief so that they can understand what is happening and what to do next in dealing with an estate. Having an advisor supporting you through the deadlines, the paperwork and connecting you with other key professionals can markedly reduce stress, risk and fear. In so many cases, we also give people the space to truly grieve their loved one”.

Debbie’s volunteering in the community echoes her commitment to making things easier for others. She shares her time with:

• Chalmer’s Community Services

• Guelph Women’s Leadership Group

• Guelph Independent Living

• Guelph Estate Planning Council as Founding Chair

• Hospice Wellington as a trainer on Advance Care Planning and as her Business Charity of Choice

Debbie lives in Guelph with her wonderful husband, two beautiful daughters and two equally energetic Labrador Retrievers.

John Shearer

BA (Hons), CEA

John Shearer is a Partner in ETP Canada and works as an Estate Consultant and Professional Executor.

John has experience in financial services as a Mortgage Broker and has worked with many executors in his previous roles managing cemeteries and funeral homes in Ontario. John has held senior management positions with Canadas largest cemetery company and has personally managed five cemeteries throughout Ontario. With his extensive management and leadership experience John has considerable first-hand knowledge of the challenges and obstacles faced by executors.

As a Professional Executor and Certified Executor Advisor, John ensures that the families ETP serve receive industry leading guidance and support when having to make difficult decisions on unfamiliar matters.

John Lives in Guelph with his wife, son and two dogs and is involved in local minor hockey as a head coach.

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We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our clients.  This subject is difficult to discuss and we want to help everyone break down the barriers.  We spend the time getting to know you and having you get to know us.  If there ends up being a great family barbeque along the way then we all win!

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